WOW! What an amazing day the Gatorland team had at the 16th Annual Make M Smile event on June 2, 2018

We made a whole load of new friends with the VIP Kids (and adults), their families, and everyone else we met.

Thank you sooo much to the Nathaniel’s Hope co-founders – Tim and Marie Kuck and all of their awesome army of Smile Team Volunteers that put on such an amazing event every year for these special V.I.P.’s, and to the Buddies that provide such amazing support to the kids and parents. Thank you too to all of the parents and caregivers that take care each and every day of these special children and young adults, we love you all!

Gatorland is honored to be a sponsor of this event along with all of the other sponsors that help make this event possible. To find out more about Nathaniel’s Hope and to learn about ways for you or your company to participate  visit

To see all the pictures we took of the VIP Kids and Families and everyone at the Make M Smile event on June 2, 2018 click HERE

Pictures can be downloaded for free.

Thank you all for coming out to see us and the awesome animals of Gatorland!

If you were at Nathaniel’s Hope and received a discount coupon enter your code here to purchase discounted tickets.

If you had your picture taken with our animals last year (2017), please click here to see them.

Nathaniel's Hope Team

Gatorland Nathaniel’s Hope Team Awesome 2018: Michele (with Sapphiro),  Julie,  Robert,  Cori,  Sticker King – Leland,  Jo (with Fluffy),  Carolyn (with Izzy), Destiny (with Alduin),  Brandon,  Megan (with Mango),  Katie,  Savannah and Lee!