Gatorland Kicked Off its 70th Anniversary Celebrations with May 18 Gatorpalooza Event May 1, 2019

What an amazing day! We hope ya’ll enjoyed Gatorpalooza as much as we did!

It was awesome meeting all who came out to celebrate with us. We misunderstood the boss when he said “meet me by the front gate”, well, we thought he meant – meet me inside the cake, and that’s just what we did! Man, did he get a surprise when we all jumped out of it!

Check out the pictures below, sure was fun seeing his face though!

Did you see that real cake though? What a spectacular one, Jilly Cakes did an amazing job of replicating our iconic gator jaw entrance into an edible one! And all those cupcakes, they were so good! We sure hope you enjoyed eating it!

Thank you to all the amazing vendors and artisans that came out, the bands that played throughout the day, and to all of you who came out to enjoy the fun!