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Pearl's Smokehouse

Pearl's Smokehouse - Gatorland - Orlando, FL Pearl's Smokehouse - Gatorland - Orlando, FL

Fried Gator Nuggets, Oh Yea!

Built in 1991, Pearl´s Smokehouse is a real treasure amongst theme park diners. Named after the founders wife, Pearl Godwin, the eatery is located near the World Famous Gator Wrestlin' Arena and is open daily for lunch and dinner.

The menu is packed full of family favorites including hamburgers, hotdogs, pulled pork sandwiches, ice cream and much more. But the true guest favorite is definitely the fried gator nuggets - no, we don't use our own gators! Guests have been known to drive for miles for some of Pearl´s famous gator bites; oh how they love´em!

Everything is priced affordably so not to break the bank while you're here. Where else can you munch on fried gator meat, while surrounded by hundreds of man-eating reptiles?

Picnic table style seating is available in a screened enclosure located next to Pearl's.

For the well-being of the resides (animals & reptiles) outside food and beverages may not be brought into the park.

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Pearl's Smokehouse - Gatorland - Orlando, FL